Thames Sailing Club: Help!

16/01/2013 21:27:56
Melanie Hardman (1920)
I know that many of you have already objected to the proposed development upstream from our club house and bang smack in the middle of our "race track", and my sincere thanks to you. However this is a final plea if anyone hasn't already done so to please lodge formal complaints with Kingston Borough Council. The final decision meeting is on Tuesday next week (22nd Jan). 

Link below is to a briefing document that sets out the situation in full and the serious affects this development could have. If you can help please please please do.

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart


Email: [email protected]
Planning Application Reference: 11/16502

Something like...

The proposed development would have a devastating impact on the River Thames and river sports including sailing, rowing, skiffing, canoeing, punting, dragon boating and stand-up paddle-boarding from recreational right up to Olympic level.

Specifically, the combined effect of the marina, fully functioning river lock, boat holding pontoons, ferry dock, residential moorings and the associated, frequent and complicated movements of boats, using the full width of this narrow part of the river, would be to create a ‘No-Go Zone’ at the heart of one of the busiest, and best, river sports training and racing courses in Britain. This would have a catastrophic impact on local river sports clubs and would undermine Britain’s Olympic Legacy.

(add your name and address)
21/01/2013 14:26:42
Ian P (MR 2069)
This in an 11th hour plea for help!

The fate of MR sailing in Kingston upon Thames and that of many other local River Sports will be decided at the Kingston Council town planning meeting tomorrow evening (7:30pm in the Guildhall).

Please email individual objections and sailing club objections to the river-related aspects of the development before 4pm tomorrow (see Mel's posting for details).

Thank You

23/01/2013 02:10:24
Thank you everybody for your support.

I'm delighted to tell you that the developers' application was rejected this evening in a unanimous vote by all eight councillors.

They have a right of appeal which we expect them to exercise, but for the moment, sailing on the river will continue uninterrupted.

The support from the Merlin Fleet was integral to our campaign and was a fantastic boost to morale in a very hard fought campaign.

23/01/2013 19:23:58
Roger 799
Oh that is good news. Angie and I put in our objections some time ago.

23/01/2013 19:29:21
Richard Stevens
Excellent news, well done for all your hard work.
Individual letters and written support by many of us palls into insignificance compared with the passion and effort put into the objection by yourselves.

24/01/2013 09:31:40
Melanie Hardman (1920)
We're having a celebration at Thames Sailing Club on Friday from 19.30, the bar will be open and we'd love to see as many of the MR fleet who were integral in getting this refused. You can find us via the link below.
24/01/2013 10:33:42
Peter Fryer.
Very glad to hear this news, and congratulations on your victory. As a river sailor myself, and someone who has rowed on the Thames, and who frequently walks the tow path along that part of the Thames, I sent in my objections some time ago to the proposal to narrow the river channel by placing more house boats and pontoons on the river. Also, I took up with the RYA their refusal to help Thames Sailing Club.

As a matter of interest, the RYA being formed out of the Yacht Racing Association in the early years of the last century, is it known if any members of Thames Sailing Club and Thames A rater sailors were members of the Yacht Racing Association at that time?
My RYA membership has remained non-renewed since.

24/01/2013 10:42:43
Peter Fryer.
PS   Hope you remember to inform the RYA!

25/01/2013 09:30:19
Richard Stevens
Following the link, there seems to be a rival establishment, just upriver which is offering cocktails. [ Or have I misunderstood the symbol?]

I hope the evening goes well.

25/01/2013 13:36:34
David Child
I think Thames Sailing Club as a name is buried under the logo, the "other Club" is down stream and for Motor Boats!
I hate to be a party pooper but it would be wrong to be complacent over this big business and developers have a good track record of winning appeals.

25/01/2013 13:57:35
Robert Harris
Well done Melanie and everyone else. I'm sorry I won't be able to make it tonight. Keep your eyes open and your brains in gear.

25/01/2013 15:45:49
They will be back. Don't drop your guard........

30/05/2013 08:57:54
Derik Palmer - MR 3488
WOOHOO! I sent my objection in quite a while ago, more as a gesture than anything else; I really didn't think that the council would pay any attention to objectors when faced with the prospect of money.  It's really good to know that I was wrong and that the evil developers have been seen off.  It's quite probable that they will come back with an alternative proposal and the whole process will have to be gone through again, but for now at least the good guys can celebrate!

09/10/2013 02:31:43
Richard 1074 and 3443
Excellent news, unfortunately MRU as I'm running match racing at Portland this weekend and have to have the larger boat ready. Have a good time.

16/03/2014 09:46:51
the gurn
fantastic news! - The development appeal was dismissed - thanks to everyone who sent letters of objection. TSC are partying soon

18/03/2014 12:51:14
Jemma 3451
ABSOLUTELY there is a Party!!!

Following the dismissal of Cascina/Hydro's Appeal for the development of Surbiton Filter Beds; we are delighted to invite you to a celebration party at Thames Sailing Club on Friday 21st March 2014 at 7:30pm.
Food will be provided as well as a welcome drink.

We hope that you can join us to celebrate this fantastic news.

Please drop me an email so we can have an idea of numbers... See you all there..

[email protected]

19/03/2014 09:55:38
Robert Harris
It's a terrfic result for Thames Sailing Club and I intend to join you on Friday.


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