Which Merlin

08/01/2013 19:57:19
The boat I was going to buy over thge winter has sadly been sold to someone else. I have a budget of up to £1000 for the boat and will be sailing it from Weston. Any advice? I used to have an NSM 2 which i sailed on restricted water in Putney but may need a different design.

I also recently purchased some sails on Ebay a Kevlar Main and 1 season old jib so would be looking for a boat that could take these and/or a carbon rig when i can afford it. Restricted budget as I am getting married. Any suggestions on what would be a good buy?

08/01/2013 20:16:25
How brave are you? ....if you are getting married I'd save the dosh for the inevitable overspend!!

08/01/2013 20:34:01
Theres a good NSM 4 in your range near us in Warwickshire, it's on the for sale list - I'll have a wooden 'tales for sale in a couple of weeks - once the varnish dries! mail for photos if you're interested

08/01/2013 20:43:44
I remember sailing against Nirvarna, at Salc.(3yrs.on the trot)nice fast Turner built NSM4. It,s on for £950
Ask for lots of pics. and if the covers ok. I bought a new cover last year for £220. a big chunk out of your £1000.

08/01/2013 21:33:01
Jon E
Flog the sails you bought and put the money toward one of those Canterbury Tales on the list which are bargains at 2K and already have carbon rigs (and one presumes sails to suit).  Also, there might be a bit of room for negotiation.

Anything NSM is a conversion to deck-stepped (required for carbon) therefore will not be as good as a boat that was built for deck stepped (probably won't rake as far etc), and upgrading an NSM to carbon can be an expensive business by the time you've bought a boom and poles too.

09/01/2013 07:30:07
Chris M
Nirvana (3361) is the outstanding sub £1k ship on the list.

The sails you bought are probably designed for a carbon rig, but as long as the bands are the same they'll fit and be better than a suit of 90's sails tgat have been used every week!

If you could stretch to £2k it opens up much newer boats, but you have to with what you've got. 3474 might be worth a cheeky offer though.

09/01/2013 08:12:33
Unfortuately I cannot justify 2k this year with getting married. So may just buy a sub 1k boat for this year and rather than buy any extra bits just upgrade at the end of the season. it is mainly for club use this year as the future wife is fairly new to sailing so do not envisage being too competitive this year.

09/01/2013 10:41:25
Piers 3671
I agree the NSM4 3361 looks breat value and is in your budget! Start there and we hope to welcome you to the fleet

09/01/2013 13:22:00
I've got 3381, Seventh Wave.  It's also a Turner MSN4, 1986 vintage. A fantastic boat.

She gets admiring looks wherever I take her. I've put new sails on the original mast and it's my lack of sailing ability rather than sail shape that slows me down

09/01/2013 20:02:49
the godfather 3031
I have 3396 "Rocket Science" a Turner NSM4,complete with Rapide combi, good sails,good cover, twin carbon poles etc. in quite nice condition which could go for around £850.She who must be obeyed has agreed to my having an expensive  modern boat to compliment 3031 which I have owned for the last 33 years.Only 14 miles from Weston S.C.!Email if interested.

09/01/2013 20:14:20
the godfather 3031
Would help if I put an email address wouldnt [email protected]

10/01/2013 08:52:52
That sounds like a bargain I think. I would do that!!

10/01/2013 20:43:56
Have e-mailed


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