Starcross Steamer

29/12/2012 23:07:33
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Starcross Steamer - 20th Jan. - already over half way to their entry limit of 110 boats! Could be a cracker and always a strong Merlin presence.

I noticed that entries are only being taken online ...
02/01/2013 21:09:42
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
12 Merlins on an 89 boat entry, so far. 110 is the limit, so better get a wriggle on if you want to attend!
06/01/2013 18:17:56
Dave Lee
The entry list is up to 105 as of today - enter now if you are planning to come!

06/01/2013 19:49:57
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
110 now, 14 Merlins including Mssrs Davis, Calvert, Biggs, Martin ... not to mention the local hot shots - 8 local boats are entered. Should be a great event.

20/01/2013 21:25:33
Just let you all know, Mike and Jane calvert won the event in 5 -10 knots with the wind dropping away towards the end. Looks like they had their work cut out.

21/01/2013 19:28:51
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Yep, Mike & Jane sailed a blinder and out tacked the Phantom in a failing breeze with the tide starting to ebb strongly. Bit of snakes and ladders at the finish gun with the fleet spread over the estuary. Very grateful for the rescue crews giving us all a tow back to shore.

Ruddy cold though!

21/01/2013 21:18:26
Chris M
Shame about the snow, was looking forward to it.

25/01/2013 11:33:11
Former Whitstable Pro
Close race between Merlin and Phantom . Can someone please tell me what the respective PY's were .

25/01/2013 17:17:07
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Phantom off 1010 & Merlin of 980 as per the Sailjuice numbers. This meant that the Phantom had a 3 minute head start.

25/01/2013 22:42:54
Former Whitstable Pro
Thanks Andy .


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