Control Layout for Winder

18/12/2012 20:25:05
Chris I
I'm re-string 3587 at the moment. I have sorted a continuous kicker, with a 5th cleat each side on the thwart. The two cleats nearer the middle of the boat will be rig_fwd and rig_aft. The front one fwd.
Is there a standard for which of the outer cleats is lowers and which is shroud tension?

Might as well go with the flow, to avoid confusion if I ever change boats.

As all the changes mean the lowers are now too long, I am thinking of changing them to spectra. Is there any reason not to do this?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks also to Mr Callaghan for his nice clear diagrams!

19/12/2012 07:20:57
Chris M
In my experience spectra in the form of D12 is a waste of time. It creeps under load and shrinks in UV light. My pole vangs lost about 4 inches over a season due to shrinkage!

When i one strung 3583 i did all the high load string in Vectran, mostly V12. I had to adjust the rig sideways once in two years, with D12 i've known people check it once a month. Vectran doesn't like UV all that much but v12 is treated and i've now known any break solely due to UV.

It's more expensive, but so much more stable that i think it's more than worth it. D12 is not exactly cheap either.

You will want 4mm for the bit that attaches to the shroud strop, but 3mm is ine for the rest.

For the "business end" of the lowers and shrouds stick with wire. It gives useful clues before breaking, and again if you use D12 the length will be unstable.

Cleat positions, I'd say you want the kicker, shroud and fwd/bk where you can easily get to them the rest you don't alter that much.


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