Tom Brown – 5/5/25-12/12/12

18/12/2012 17:04:10
Sally Garrett (Brown)
Tom Brown – 5/5/25-12/12/12

Hot Toddy, Spendthrift, Hottentot, Sara Jane........

I have some sad news to report to the "old guard".

My father died unexpectedly on Wednesday last week (12/12/12) following his most recent attack of pancreatitis - he was responding well to treatment having been taken into hospital on Monday, but suddenly deteriorated.

As you will remember, he and my mother, Peggy, raced in various MRs whilst members of Bristol Corinthian and, previously, in their Firefly (Diver - No 97) at Avon Sailing Club near Tewkesbury.

When they stopped sailing together, he bought a Laser and continued sailing this after they moved to the Algarve about 26 years ago.

He was a sailor to the last and had taken out his beloved Laser the Saturday before he died.

My sister, Sue, and I are with Peggy at home in the Algarve at present. Tom´s funeral was today, Tuesday 18 December, at St Vincent´s in Praia da Luz, the church my folks attended every week.

The Brown Family

18/12/2012 20:15:21
Chris I
Very sorry to hear that, I remember him from Bristol Corinthian a long time ago. I will raise a glass to his memory.

18/12/2012 21:49:22
David Child
Sad news, I remember the Browns from my Merlin days 1961-1970 mainly at Cheddar where they were movers in the fantastic welcome we always got with sunshine steady winds fabulous teas and lunches and a riotous dinner sounds like a good life well lived.

20/12/2012 23:25:40
Pat Blake
I too have very fond memories of Tom and Peggy Brown sailing from Bristol Corinthian at Cheddar and doing lots of open meetings, Champs etc. They were great characters, very friendly and good fun. Sorry to hear of Tom's demise but please give my best to Peggy - if she can remember that long haired spotty and troublesome lad that used to race against them!

I have to agree with David about the welcome - teas, lunches and riotous dinners but 'steady winds'? Don't think so!

Anyway I do also agree that it sound as if Tom had a good life, well lived - what more could anyone ask?

21/12/2012 09:54:24
Robert Harris
I agree with everything my two friends have written. Tom and Peggy Brown were very good sailors and won Salcombe in 1962. I like to think they bought their Adur 7 'Hot Toddy' no. 1610 following the successes Helen and I had with the first Adur 7.

21/12/2012 10:43:10
Tony Lane
It was so sad to hear of Tom's death. Spud Rowsell, Jeff Worsedale, Anthony Evans and I visited Tom and Peggy whilst in Portugal in the autumn and he seemed so fit and well. Peggy and the family are in our thoughts.

21/12/2012 16:24:23
Mike Anslow
Very sorry to hear of Tom's passing. I knew him from my pre-Merlin days when Tom and Peggy often turned up in Hottentot at inter-Bank dinghy competitions at Hayling Island S C in the late 60s and early 70s.  They usually wiped the floor with the opposition.  He was a top helm in cruiser racing too.

I was pleased to hear that he had kept well in his retirement and was able to continue sailing right to the end.

01/01/2013 11:19:39
Sally Garrett (Brown)
Thank you all for your memories - I have passed them on to Peggy and sister Sue.


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