I inadvertently bought my girlfriend a Merlin for Chritmas

18/12/2012 07:51:39
It's Merlin 1649, Shamal.  Does anyone know its history, please?

PS I hope that I've got the apostrophes correct

18/12/2012 10:12:15
IX by Chippendale 1964, in '75 was owned by B Wall, Whitstable,still the owner in 1994

18/12/2012 16:09:49
Tony Lane
When new she was called 'Pope's Progress' and her first owner was M.F.Pope at Whitstable YC.
B.G.Wall changed her name to 'Shamal' probably in 1972.

18/12/2012 18:19:14
Richard Davis - Whitstable
Yes I remember her with very happy memories    She was the first Merlin I raced seriously  It was 1967  I took her to the Poole Championships and had a great time in her.  She was a Chippendale Mark 9  Owned from new by Mike Pope who lent her to me for that season  Mike had been a crew for Stewart Morris in his International 14 Bolero when they had won the POW Cup in 1957 and 1960   Mike and I later worked together for many years as partners in the same accountancy practice in Canterbury   He sadly died last year after a long illness   At the time I sailed her she had a very flat Lucas main - a Ratsey jib and I bought a new Musto Spinnaker for her   She had a Proctor mast - a very heavy early B section - with no speaders  We had a centre mainsheet arrangement   We used to sale with maximum mast rake we could get on her   Yes she had a bit of weather helm but was very effective upwind   As with most Mark 9s swimming was quite a frequent occurence !   It now all seems a very long time ago

19/12/2012 13:15:44
The heavy proctor mast is came with he and what appears to be the original centre main blocks and cleats.

19/12/2012 17:47:17
Richard Davis
Give me call if you want to chat.  07879 482159 mob or 01227 732393.  I live at Chartham Hatch near Canterbury.  Where are you ?    I think it is a brilliant present and should be much appreciated !!! Richard

21/12/2012 21:16:42
I Richard I live in Walton on Thames, Shamal is currently at Thames Sailing Club, but will most likely end up at Upper Thames Sailing club.

I'll try and give you a ring tomorrow, as i would appreciate some advice.


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