Hoo Freezer

03/12/2012 22:29:56

The Hoo Freezer has been currently cancelled for 2013. The marina has changed hands and the new owners are playing hard ball and not allowing parking or rescue boat launching. In discussion with them over Wilsonian or Medway YC but may be to late for 2013. More to follow.

05/12/2012 09:55:13
John Cooper
Pity.  It was always a good event although launching and recovery could be a pain.  It was won last year by Rien Zilvold and Julie Nuttall.  Do they get to keep the cup?!

05/12/2012 14:54:05

Here is the oficial info:

I'm sorry to have to tell you that the Hoo Freezer, scheduled for 9/10 February 2013 has had to be cancelled. This is due to a change in the ownership/management of Hoo Marina.

The new owners will not agree to the use of the marina by our rescue boats nor parking for competitors cars. Without these two facilities we cannot run the event.

For many years Hoo Marina not only allowed us to use their facilities but also sponsored the event.

Alternative venues are being investigated with other clubs.

It would be appreciated if last year's prize winners would make arrangements to return their trophies by contacting Barry Francis by email - [email protected]

Fair winds and good sailing,

Mary Chamberlain
Race Secretary

The good news is that it looks as if it will be run in 2014. Reason is that the new owners of the marina only took control in the last 2 weeks and there is a logistics and sponsorship issue as the event was run from the Marina which was also the main sponsor. Wilsonian SC race race administration. If there is any further update, I will let all know.

Bye for now


06/12/2012 14:30:17
Measurement Man
Thanks for the update, Mark.  I know for many that the Freezer is a chance to peep out from under the covers, wash the cobwebs out of the boat and flush the mice from the sails, before heading back to lie ins on a Sunday!

Hayling have a complementary idea and are running one single day pursuit on the following weekend - Saturday the 16th Feb - for all comers. It is called the Hayling Perisher, and revives (with the blessing of Portsmouth) the long defunct, but well supported and much missed Pompey Perisher..

It is an Open event to which all are welcome, so if you are disappointed over Hooe.. salve your wounds with the nurturing waters of Chichester Harbour. 13.30 start on Sat 16th Feb.

More details closer in, but put it in the diary now.

Best wishes to all MR sailors for Christmas and the New Year.


07/12/2012 15:39:34
Hi Graham, could you please keep me informed and when you have a NOR etc, will place on the B14 website as well. Sounds like a good alternative option. yes the Perisher was a good event but the insurance issue did for that one. Till later.


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