Crew Requirement 2013

21/11/2012 12:17:59
Unfortunately Paul Smith (Smithy) my regular crew will still not be healthy enough to step back on board the boat for a campaign in 2013.
Therefore I am looking for a crew for 2013 to primarily sail B14 GBR 788 Seavolution and some Merlin sailing. Campaign would start in January 2013 with the Winter Pursuit events, leading into the B14 TT series, Nationals (Whitstable), Europeans (Perlin France) and Worlds (Perlin, France). As one of the top 6 B14s in the World, this would be a full on campaign with a view to winning one or more of the major events listed.
I am looking for an experienced crew (not necessarily an asymmetric sailor) who has been part or a structured campaign, who is both agile and fit. Ideal weight up to 73 kg.
Please PM me if you would like further details. The boat is located J8 M25, but will be training out of Whitstable.

21/11/2012 19:46:45
Mike Anslow
Hi Mark.  That lets me out then!

03/12/2012 22:34:03
Hi Mike

We'd be lighting quick on the tide mark.

No seriously, shoulder op gone well and hope to be back on board for the Steamer. So once back in town, will be actively looking for the right crew for 2013 to take it to the other competitors. Some interest but decison yet to be made, so if interested let me know.


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