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16/11/2012 12:50:03
I've done a rather silly thing and brought a boat in error! In an attempt to upgrade from paddle I, rather too unhesitantly, brought a Merlin Rocket, when what I was actually looking for was a gentle introduction into the world of sailing!
Having done a bit more investigation I don't think this is the boat for me - at this time anyway.
What I am looking for is someone to purchase the boat off me. I brought on e bay. I have paid the seller. Ideally I would like the money transfered direct to me then I will transfer ownership you can pick up off the seller (Manningtree) and hopefully everyone will be happy!
Please check out the link below for the full details and e mail me direct on [email protected] with an offer if you are interested. I've also copied the text from the link in case anyone can't follow.


With regret for sale.
I am not sailing my 1957 Proctor Mk6 Merlin Rocket and have decided to reduce my fleet, to craft more suitable for single handed sailing.
I only sailed her once last year and a handful of times before that. During that previous time I re did the sealant around the hogging, and last years late autumn sail showed this was successful, albeit with one self bailer dribbling a bit of water.
The heavy old cover keeps all the weather out so she is solid inside and out.
When I got the boat I was planning to refurbish her, as there were and still aren't any nasty rot spots-so the boat is still very solid but could easily be turned into a pristine concours one with some dedicated tender loving winter project care.
There are hairline cracks on the painted top decks however I reckon a rub down some resin and varnish, or paint would sort them and the hull deserves a lick of paint. She is perfectly OK to be sailed right now.
The suit of sails are fairly good, as are the foils , However she is actually number 730, as is stamped on the thwart and on the measurement certificate reference to 730 is made as to her first certificate.
I adapted a Fireball rudder stock , as there were various bits and bobs needed when I first got her, albeit the 1540 sails came with the craft.
Mast is good and boom too. Buoyancy bags are past their best.

Please note the boat will come with a very good solid galvanised trolley, however if you need a roadbase trailer, I have an excellent one with new bearings, not included in the auction and I am looking for £120 over and above what I get for the boat-come what may. It has an adjustable mast support,so if you do not need it thats fine too (the actual combi trolley part is rusty, as left outside. I did use it on the roadbase to put a newly aquired Firefly on, and the boat sat on that fine from Aldeburgh, Suffolk,with its own launch trolley sitting aloft.

16/11/2012 14:04:50
Abby, this may be a mistake you won't regret!  This is an older Merlin, not as lively as the new ones; I have 3463 and I am teaching my wife, brother-in-law and 4 kids to sail in her (they are 9, 10, 12 and 13); they are all coping fine even in this newer design as long as it isn't too windy! The adults are helming it OK after only a few weekends. I suggest you stick with it, they are really good boats and you will learn more in these than any other class.  If you ask at your local club I am sure someone will be happy to help set you up, show you the ropes and get you on the water.

16/11/2012 21:04:38
East Coast Imbiber
If you live locally to the seller then can i suggest you make early contact with his sailing club www.ardleighsc.com and click the link to members website. There are members there who can help you get going and have you sailing on safe but challenging waters and getting the most fun and skills out of this wonderful class of boat.  The beauty of this class is you can have the boat as simple or complex as you like within the rules.

16/11/2012 23:33:52
Don't panic, and certainly don't let anyone start giving you the common comment "you can't learn to drive in a Ferrari."

The only bad thing about learning in a oat of this age is probably its weight - hauling it out of the water might be hard work. Less work than if you'd bought a Wayfarer or GP14 for the same price though!

I don't forsee terrible problems learning to sail in this boat - at least it will always respond to the rudder, and actually move along in a light breeze! Give it a go!

17/11/2012 08:59:56
Chris M
Youve nothing to lose by trying it.

If you don't like it put it up for sale. I doubt you'll have a problem selling if it's in decent condition, these are popular on the Thames - too popular if you look at the vintage thread!!

17/11/2012 09:02:56
Chris M
Just seen what it went for as well. If you can put it on the water and sail it it's worth at least twice that. Give it a try!

17/11/2012 10:31:55
Definitely try it first, you can always put smaller sails on it to start with.

18/11/2012 17:33:24
Dear all,
Thank you so much. I have had a good think about this and after all the positive comments I have decided to stop being a coward and give it a try. As you say if you never try you will never know. I have had some lovely messages of support and (with some trepidation still admittedly) am joining the sailing club and taking the plunge!!
Thank you.


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