Training 2013

13/11/2012 22:55:16
Starting off in the class and having lots of fun; have sailed lots but not raced before. We are joining in the Sunday races at Shearwater which are fun but no other comparable Merlins so little to judge agianst or learn from.  Are any clubs/members having any training sessions in 2013 other than Rutland (which we will try to get to!)?  Ideally within a couple of hours of Bristol.

14/11/2012 07:10:13
Chris M
Blithfield have a large and active fleet. No training planned at the moment, but you'll get plenty of help and youre pretty much guaranteed someone to sail against.

14/11/2012 09:42:39
You would be most welcome at Weymouth Sailing Club.Eleven Merlins registered.Check out the website racing programme.Dinghy coaching on Saturday mornings.

14/11/2012 17:56:56
Mark, do I need to be a full member or can I come along on a weekend membership/guest ticket of some sort?  We were thinking of coming down to the sailing centre at Portland for a long weekend as the facilities seem amazing so linking up the two would be good.

15/11/2012 09:30:33
Happy to sign you in as a guest for a weekend.When you see our facilities I'm sure you will want to join.Membership rates are quite reasonable.Ring me on 07799233211 to discuss.


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