Bob Hoare Builder's Plate

10/11/2012 21:01:45
Tim Lester (ex MRs 1434 and 2839)
Does anyone happen to have a Bob Hoare builders plate which they can spare? 

I was talking to Rodney Pattisson at Bob Hoare's funeral a month or so ago. Rodney is concerned that his Mexico Olympics gold medal winning FD, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" which was built by Bob and is in the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, does not have Bob's name on it.

If anyone knows of a plate which may be available please can they email me or call 0208 979 2128.

Many thanks

Tim Lester

10/11/2012 22:24:55
I would have thought it would be easy enough to have a copy made.


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