B14 Inlands

07/11/2012 20:51:48
Hi Folks

I know this is not necessarily the right website, but Pete (Nicholson) has damaged his shoulder this week and is now unable to attend the Inlands. So now looking for a crew at short notice. Accommodation booked and ready to go. Call either on 01306 611498/07775 421 935.
Hope to still be there.

Bye for now


07/11/2012 21:15:04
measurement man
where be they?


08/11/2012 08:17:55
Mark Barnes
Queen Mary Sailing Club

08/11/2012 10:23:05
Alex 3627
I would probably be up for it if you can't find a more qualified B14 crew.  I've never sailed a B14 (though quite keen to have a go) but I have sailed Merlins for 14 years most of which has been crewing.  Also I live 5 minutes from Queen Mary so I wouldn't need the accommodation but can get there easily.

I'm not fussed if you want to hold out for a better crew as I don't need much notice and I can always stick to my original plans of club sailing in the Merlin, but let me know if you would like me to crew.

Feel free to ring me on 07706 850813

08/11/2012 11:46:05
ALex, I have two glasses for you and Jack at home from the Silver Tiller Diner. If Barnsie does not need you I will bring them to Cookham on Sunday.

08/11/2012 11:58:01
Alex 3627
Nice one.  Didn't realise we had won anything.  Assuming they are for the Thames Series?

08/11/2012 14:40:36
Nope. Silver Tiller Prime of life. ;-)

08/11/2012 15:25:26
Alex 3627
haha.  Were we 3rd on that after Dan and Tim Male?  Won't able to compete in that again for a couple years now...

08/11/2012 15:27:55
Yes, you were, and no you won't!!

09/11/2012 13:06:41
Mark Barnes
Afternoon Alex

I've dropped you an email


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