SailJuice Winter Series

06/11/2012 23:41:02
Alex 3627 (ex3556)
Who is planning on doing some of these events this year?

Draycote is much earlier in the year than it normally is with only a few weeks to go. I'm hoping to make it if I can sort out a crew.

Draycote Dash
24/25 Nov

Brass Monkey
27 Dec

Grafham Grand Prix
30 Dec

Bloody Mary
12 Jan

Steve Nicholson
26 Jan

Tiger Trophy
2/3 Feb
07/11/2012 09:04:57
Hi Alex, I will most likely do the Bloody Mary and Steve Nicolson, but the Tiger clashes with work and the Brass Monkey clashes with me feeling fat and lathargic! Not sure about Draycote yet. I might do Grafham but if I do it will be in the OK.

07/11/2012 09:57:50
Alex 3627
Brass Monkey is too far away for me anyway and I agree about the date... :-P  I'm hoping to do pretty much all the others though.

To actually compete in the winter series, you need to do 4 out of 6 events but even if you can't they should all be good fun anyway! :-)

07/11/2012 10:20:03
Not worried about doing the 4 as I am unlikely to be in the choclates!! I just do the ones I want for the enjoyment of something different. I always try to do the Bloody Mary as I love the Pursuit racing and it is a pretty nice place to sail. Not sure why we don't go there as a class anymore?

07/11/2012 10:37:10
Alex 3627
True, the Bloody Mary is great fun, particularly if you get a day with good weather :-)  The Merlins took the inlands there a few years ago, i remember this well because Tosh's wheel bearings exploded on the way and he nearly lost Headcase! Fortunately sourced some new wheel bearings in super quick time and got there in time for the second race!! Also the party at Tammy was pretty good.

I agree, we should go back there again, lovely place to sail (and only 5 minute drive down the road from me) :-P

07/11/2012 10:41:57
Yes, you are quite right, it was in 2010.


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