Chelmasrh - Midland Circuit Finale 2012

21/10/2012 20:56:27
With 11 boats already qualified and 10 more capable of doing so should they attend Chelmarsh next Saturday the stage  is set for an exciting debut on the Merlin Midland Circuit scene for this Shropshire venue.
Further details from here:

24/10/2012 15:27:48
Sunshine a gentle breeze but quite chilly is the forecast.

24/10/2012 22:26:38
We're ready to turn up the heat at the back of the fleet, got allocated second crew this week so watch out!

25/10/2012 08:16:20
Chris M
Whats the entry fee?

25/10/2012 17:18:55
£10 according to the Chelmarsh web site.

26/10/2012 18:37:07
ben hollis
are we looking at a big turnout how many are going ?

26/10/2012 20:43:05
Looking a tad chilly, still sunny but wind now predicted at F3

28/10/2012 09:57:55
thanks to all at chelmarsh,had a great day,cheers ben really enjoyed myself....

29/10/2012 09:02:44
Paul Jones
Chelmarsh SC really enjoyed having the Merlins on Saturday, lots of wind although a bit cold !! Thank you to all who made the effort to make it to our first [and hopefully not last] Merlin Open, here are the overall results, full report to follow via Y & Y ;
Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club
1 3743 Matt Biggs John Hackett Blithfield
2 3744 Chris Martin Rob Kennaugh Blithfield
3 3650 Rich Adams Katie Wright Midland
4 3730 Paul Hollis James Dawes Blithfield
5 3583 Colin Anderson Sean Anderson Redditch
6 3688 Ben Hollis Phil "Supercrew" Scott Blithfield
7 3662 Mike Whitehouse Karen Whitehouse Chelmarsh
8 3612 Andy Beardshaw Charlie Noakes Redditch
9 3680 Steve Watson Phil Harrison Midland
10 3567 Martin Smith Karen Beston Midland
11 3610 Richard Dee Chris Gould Midland
11 3548 Kieron Mason Belinda Mason Blithfield
11 3581 Mark Reddington Colin Staite Bartley

29/10/2012 09:07:39
Paul Jones
Oh yes -  go to this link for a few pictures -


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