Deck or keel-step

19/10/2012 14:28:42
Would it be more economical to convert an existing carbon deck-step mast to hog-step or convert the boat to deck-step? I'm sure someone out there has worked this one out!

19/10/2012 16:11:30
From work I've had done in the past, I would estimate the carbon tube and spigot required would be around £90 /£100 plus a atube of sikaflex to convert your deck stepped mast to hog stepped yourself. Add some labour for a couple of hours if someone else would do the work but its incredibly easy to do. 
I suspect converting a boat to being deck stepped would be much much more expensive, and then theres the temptation to convert to a raking rig too....

19/10/2012 20:09:15
Chris M
What boat are we talking about?

Quite a few narrow boats have been converted tp carbon rigs by sleeving a piece onto the botton of a deck stepped mast. Proceedure is fiddly but not difficult.

Converting to deck step. Not really worth it for most boats, but there are exceptions.

20/10/2012 16:16:09
Stuart Bates (MR3615)
That depends on the set-up of the boat.  There are a number of boats that were converted to Deck Stepped by cutting an old hog stepped mast at the Deck Level, inserting a female Mast Foot (So that the Mast can be mounted on it, and securing it at deck level with a Tufnel Piece that went around the mast.  The other controls woould need to be looked at, but if the boat has a strut then Lowers can be added that run out to the sidedeck in line with the mast and the Strut retained.

22/10/2012 11:24:17
Thanks everyone, just running over a few ideas I have depending what boat I go for in the future. Any ideas who to talk to about supply of bits to adapt the mast to hog-step?

Thanks again, Dave

22/10/2012 17:32:55
If you mail me I'll send you the details I last used,


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