Empi 3501

11/10/2012 11:13:50
Just purchased Empi 3501 would love to know were the name originate.can anyone cast some light on this unusal name.

11/10/2012 12:02:50
It could be from a karate move called Empi - means "Flight of the wallow"

11/10/2012 12:03:04
or swallow.......

11/10/2012 16:21:51
Tony Lane
The first recorded owner was J Seymour of Bristol Corinthian YC. It might be worth trying to contact him through the YC. If you e-mail me I send you his 1993 address.

11/10/2012 17:04:45
Thank you for these very fast replies will follow up when i come back from a break.

11/10/2012 21:25:01
Dave Lee
I owned Empi quite a few years ago and bought her from Judith Massey, who did tell me Empi was named after the martial arts move.  She always seemed a quick boat and I had a lot of fun sailing her.  I had her refurbished by Tim Coombe and she looked stunning when he had finished - hope she is still looking tidy?

12/10/2012 08:10:55
Empi is fine, she has a dark blue hull and light grey inner decks she looks about 1 year old, we have spent the last three days replacing worn rope and replacing frayed knots with proper wippings hope my club style sailing can do her justice, This is my 5th Merlin and they well looked after. Thanks to all who have given me her history and explanation for her name.signing out Gerry

12/10/2012 09:46:59
Empi means 'elbow strike'. I don't know if all martial arts use the same word, but in karate that's what we call it. Sometimes an elbow can be more powerful than a fist, or works better when you are too near your opponent to punch traditionally. 

Not sure how it works as a name for a boat though?


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