New Chairman

14/09/2012 20:16:27
During the committee meeting on Wednesday 12th September Paul Hollis was voted on by the committee as Chairman of the MROA, whilst Fran Gifford was co-opted on and joins the committee as Vice Chairman.

I wish them all the best in their roles and I am sure you will show them the support you have shown me.

Thank you

14/09/2012 21:12:34
John Cooper
Thank YOU Lou.  You didn't have had the easiest time as Chairman in your first year, but your efforts to keep a sense of perspective and keep everyone informed were really appreciated by us foot soldiers at club level.  Well done, great job.

16/09/2012 17:30:14
Well done Lou, a sterling job!!

Also best of luck to Paul.

16/09/2012 17:43:36
ben hollis
nice one lou !

best of luck dad


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