Red Sails on Merlin 1443

10/09/2012 12:57:27
I've just aquired a 1960's Ian Proctor IX merlin rocket no. 1443.  The sails are bright red and seem to be original.  Any more history on the boat would be great.

Also I have some burgandy sails off number 1743 which at one point had the word "CHALLENGER" sewed onto them in 18" high letters. Can anyone shed any light on their history.

10/09/2012 14:13:42
Tony Lane
1443 was probably built in 1962. The 1963 MROA year book says she is Proctor Mk X11 not X1 built by Wyche and Coppock in Nottingham. At that time she was named Snark 11 and was owned by J D Grayson and T W Lambert at South Yorks SC.
The 1970 book shows her name changed to Kateela with the same owners.
Unusually succeeding year books show no further owners.

10/09/2012 14:15:11
Tony Lane
Sorry I meant to say she is a Mk X11 not Mk 1X.

10/09/2012 18:12:41
Thanks for the info Tony.  Any idea why she has red sails as I've never seen them on a merlin before.

12/09/2012 10:31:21
My boat, 1220, was based in Whitstable in the early 60's and had red sails from a local loft on the sea wall, it is a XII

12/09/2012 11:31:10
Tony Lane
Sorry Nick I have no idea why she had red sails and I can't remember racing against any merlin with such coloured sails.

20/09/2012 12:15:26
JB 3045
277 used to have red sails.... probably due the name being Redskin

20/09/2012 14:31:10
The Whitstable Sailmaker would have been Goldfinch Sails

15/10/2012 20:46:50
Peter Rotherham
Maurice Cockerill had Sails made in various colours in the 70's & 80's. Maybe it was a common practise? I'll ask him.


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