Travel to Lyme

19/08/2012 09:54:45
John Cooper
Bearing in mind that next Saturday is the start of a bank holiday weekend, what is the best route in from the A 303 (and the pigs).

19/08/2012 11:23:02
If you want to avoid the Stonehenge chaos go via A343 from Andover to Salisbury. 
Then you've a choice of A30 west and drop south from Crewkerne or Chard or the Blandford - Dorchester - coast road route as even the Salisbury College roundabout queue flows faster than the Stonehenge one.

19/08/2012 12:38:52
the gurn
Hi John - you could try M25 to A3 to M27 and along the coast - very scenic I have just done it about 20 times from Bognor (2.25 hours)

19/08/2012 18:52:12
are the police around then captain?

20/08/2012 10:10:56
Grear recommendation - thank you Stuart. Regards, Dalby Jnr. 

P.S. Dalby snr has some very sexy new wheels - you know what gets an upgrade next!

20/08/2012 10:27:43
Ben Archer
Speaking as a local Jon, I'd go for Salisbury/Blandford /Dorchester. So straightforward.

20/08/2012 18:26:23
Dan Alsop
Didn't see this until after I had posted my own recommendations.  I'm sure the A303 will be dire West of Andover and also the coast road West of Ringwood, both because they go down to single carriageway and will be stuffed with grockles.

20/08/2012 18:41:50
John Cooper
Thanks everyone for the advice. Very helpful

21/08/2012 11:50:15
Ben Archer
On the way home, it will be advisable to stay away from the A354 because of the Dorset steam fair,east of Blandford Forum.

21/08/2012 15:50:30
Richard Stevens
Salisbury and A30 to Crewkerne - a nice route and one that at least keeps moving. Stop in Crewkerne"s Waitrose to stock with goodies!

21/08/2012 16:11:49
Andrew M
Of course if all the forum readers follow the same advice Crewkerne will be full of Merlins on trailers & no-one will be able to get into the Waitrose car park.  Have been trying to find a way to get down the A31 & across without going through Winchester but will probably opt for the 303.

21/08/2012 16:43:25
If travelling from Dorchester on the A35 ignore the turning at the roundabout to Lyme Regis but carry on the A35 to Raymonds Hill. On the left is the road to Uplyme (next to pub). ignore that turning but about 100 yards further on is a turning marked 'Alternative route to Exeter'.  Follow this road to the end and turn left. (Seaton/Lyme Road). This brings you to the west side on Lyme. At the large carpark turn right and follow the steep hill to the club. Avoids the traffic and narrow roads in the town.Full of groks and bloody wide MR's.

21/08/2012 22:37:02
Dan Alsop
This is for dear Andrew!  Winchester bypass easy and pretty!  At roundabout at end of A31 Alresford bypass turn R then v soon left onto B3047,through Itchen Abbas and over M3 to kings Worthy. Carry on across A33, under the A34,then  immediately right up u/c (unclassified). Left at tee, then 2 miles on u/c crossing B3420 to B3049.  R for Stockbridge and safe on the old A30. 

21/08/2012 23:21:44
Reluctant Debutant
Just as long as you all rember to turn left at Staines!

22/08/2012 09:16:59
Andrew M
Sounds good Dan, it's a very pretty road and should avoid the worst of the traffic, I remember going through Stockbridge on the way back from Poole on a bank holiday weekend and finding it delightful and deserted


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