"gurns garret" now full

18/08/2012 20:34:45
the gurn
The best accomodation within even short sited eyeball distance of the club bar is now full. Those of you who spotted my offer a long time ago should have got organised. Those who are staying might have to help me put stuff in the roof - moving from a large house to a 3 bed flat I have discovered that the stuff don't fit. Maybe some of it could double as extra correctors. (Scotty had a plan to use the "coffee table" swinging control system extended with an armchair at the end of it.) And my living room is to be used for measuring sails if its windy and wet. Mind you I don't want my 30 year old 3mm flotex carpet ruined. Looking forward to the week and, Dan spotted the problem with my lack of boat speed, so the shiny new spinny should do the job. Lets make it a good champs! - Stuart


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