17/08/2012 20:53:10
Big Blue

18/08/2012 01:21:12
Jon E
Some perspective.  This is our summer windsurfing destination......
18/08/2012 13:10:53
David Child
Those who are old enough may remember Rex King (aka The Galloping Major) winning one race at the Falmouth Championships, claiming he had been chased round the course by a Shark, it was a Shark, a blooming great Basking Shark, and an impressive sight it was too. I don't think Baskiing Sharks are anything but plankton feeders but pretty big if you bump into them no doubt! Blue sharks have pretty impressive teeth though I caught a "small" and "unlucky" one a few years back I just cut the trace and let it go.

18/08/2012 13:11:39
David Child
I should add it was the 1968 Falmouth Championships.


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