Looking to get back into Sailing.

16/08/2012 17:49:41
Dave - V
I'm looking to getting back into sailing after a 10 year break due to Uni and starting a family and am looking for a Rocket, after a lot of research I'm pretty much set on one. Casual sailing at Shearwater and some racing if my wife and I get on with it.

My budget is up to £400 and I'm looking for a newer model, mid 70's to late 80's really for a combined crew of 24 stone or so. Smoker/Tales etc. I missed the below on ebay which I'm completely gutted about, I don't mind some work to get it up to scratch but nothing like the bottom link, Poor thing.....

I'm in contact about one ( a Summer wine I'm waiting on photos from), but wondered if anyone knew of any others around that may be up for sale.

What I think is a Canterbury Tales.

No idea on model, but waaay to far gone for me to consider.

16/08/2012 18:33:45
If that's Shearwater at Longleat in Wiltshire then we look forward to meeting you!

16/08/2012 18:57:39
Dave - V
I sent a mail regarding membership and asking for more info but got no reply, I was going to pop along this weekend for a chat if it's ok :o)

I know you have a couple of rockets at the club, it's one of the things that pointed them to me in the first place.



17/08/2012 13:37:54
Membership secretary is probably away sailing. This weekend is normal and also Tuesday evenings but there's no racing at Bank Holiday weekend as people are away - many of us are cvrda (classic and vintage racing dinghy assoc.) supporters.

17/08/2012 22:38:59
Don't rule out earlier models though. They suit the water there.
Chris, MR 507, and shearwater sailing sec.

18/08/2012 00:04:55
Our old Phantom Kipper 2825 is on the for sale list, was lovley condition when we sold her a couple of years ago,and I believe open to reasonable offers, or maybe Tobacco Road 2926 on Apollo Duck? Surely a snip at £650

18/08/2012 13:01:04
Hi, I have just joined shearwater with MR3463... 'Smoke on the Water'.  Min eis an NSM2 and works really well in the shifty coditions and limited space!
Happy to meet up some time if you want to try the NSM type before you buy.

Alan Feist

18/08/2012 15:29:15
Bob Deacon
Take a look at Tobacco Road, see later post on this forum.  If you are looking for an older boat with a good turn of spead you cannot do better.

When I last saw her she was in excellent condition.

20/08/2012 15:11:02
Dave - V
Happy to meet up with anyone anytime really, I work just around the corner in Westbury and live in Calne.

I tried to make it down on Sunday (19th) but got too busy at home in the garden/shed. Saturday I decided to move around my shed, to free up some space... skip ahead 5 hours and I'd broken my work bench(collapsed) and an oil gallery on my spare bike engine (fell through work bench) so the shed was swimming in engine oil. Almost all sorted now though :o)

Sunday I'm aiming to go to Lyme so may see some of you there, with any luck the wife will warm to the idea of sailing more then. She's beginning to go off it due to young baby, any of you handle young baby/partner/sailing and how do you juggle all three especially when the partner wants to sail as well? She's worried I'll be buggering off a lot and she won't get chance to sail much.

Is Tobacco Road up for sale again? That add looked really old.

20/08/2012 15:31:17
Dave - V
Just looked at the add, is under budget and is the exact type of thing I'd want.

I need to work on the wife again though so I'll probably just be joining and crewing/popping along when possible for a while unless I can bring her around.

21/08/2012 08:42:47
Best be quick talking her around as boats like Tobacco Road don't come up often. We only sold her as I replaced her with another Smokers of equal quality that I refurbished from a wreck. Otherwise she would still be in my Garage!


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