Royal Shorehampton

13/08/2012 18:14:10
What happened?

14/08/2012 07:50:44
Mrs Tosh
Not sure but the cury was good :o)

14/08/2012 08:34:46
Alex 3556
Except the Jalrezi which nearly killed me and my crew... sweating everywhere!

14/08/2012 10:52:04

14/08/2012 15:26:54
I will pop down the club later and get the results for ST update.

14/08/2012 17:41:36
Former Whitstable Pro
Clearly I exhausted the ageing Shoreham Merlin fleet but the first four were ;

3712 Jon Gorringe / Toby Lewis 6 points
3734 David Hayes / Jonny Ratcliff 7 points
3733 Geoff Carveth Graham Williamson 9 points
3738 Simon Blake / Alex Jackson 13 points

The Phantoms report was on their web-site at 9PM on Sunday-they clearly enjoyed themselves !

20/08/2012 15:16:27
Are full results available anywhere for this open? I would realy like to see them.

20/08/2012 16:56:14
Ben Archer
There has been a slight delay with the report/full results, I'll get it sorted as soon as poss...

20/08/2012 17:03:53
Warwick's pics from the event can be found via
22/08/2012 12:58:08
Report by Alex....


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