Any Owners near Colchester ?

10/08/2012 19:19:12
Hi is there any one. Local. so I can have a look at a merlin up close?

11/08/2012 07:02:52
East Coast Imbiber
Yep, me.  Its an old boat and can be seen on Ardleigh SC website(click on Members site button in top RH corner)

11/08/2012 09:29:24
Keith Callaghan
There are some new boats at Brightlingsea SC, and some older ones at Walton & Frinton YC.

11/08/2012 11:50:35
Thank you I will have to look out for them.

11/08/2012 21:39:04
New boats at brightlingsea that would be interesting to see them,well to see any up close would be good.It's such a interesting class of boat I've read most of the info on this website now although being vey new to sailing some of the term get lost on me the rigging is a mine field to understand but wiki-pedia comes in handy! Mast stepping is probably someting simple but wiki-pedia explanation isnt quite what I was expecting...

11/08/2012 21:56:28
is that 578 at ardleigh?

13/08/2012 09:33:18
Hi Hamish,

If you come down to B/sea any weekend they'll be someone who can show you around the merlins there.

13/08/2012 20:38:51
Hi Andy

Is there racing most weekends?


13/08/2012 20:42:28
East Coast Imbiber
Yes, 578 is at Ardleigh being re assembled after a touch of rot treatment and a dab or two of varnish to her bottom and a bit on the inside too.

14/08/2012 07:18:59
Dave Charlton
Hi Hamish,

Racing is most weekends through to December though we have the Sprint 15 and OK Nationals this weekend and next so the club will be open with people about all weekend but not (perhaps) any Merlin sailors! More details at


David Charlton

15/08/2012 15:11:42
Ok I'll come and have a look


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