Scrutinerring and sail measuring at the champs

07/08/2012 20:54:33
Chris M
Can anyone ikely to need new sails measuring at the champs please give me warning either by email or text to 07966 687 785.

Fee of £5/sail will apply as usual. We'll decide how we are going to do it depending on how many need doing! I'll be doing the scrutineering on saturday as well so if you're heading down friday it would be hugely helpfull if we could sort you out then.



17/08/2012 14:11:02

Please let me know ASAP if you are going to want sails measuring on friday/Saturday


17/08/2012 18:06:11
Measurement Man
I understand that scrutineers may be checking the length of spinnaker poles when in position on the mast.

Just to remind those with self launching poles that in addition to the 2300mm pole length, there is a 2320mm limit on the pole in flying position, measured from the face of the mast. This includes the guy ring being in the end of the pole.

If you have fitted these types of pole, it would be worth checking before you get there that you comply.

Hope this helps.


17/08/2012 19:02:34
Chris M
Also please:

Make sure your measurement bands are PAINTED on your mast and boom.

Make sure your max foot length and jib size are PAINTED on your boom.

This takes seconds to do on the drive or in the garage, potentially an hour in the dinghy park including finding the paint!


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