how hard for a novice?

05/08/2012 22:39:16
how hard to sail for a novice are they?

06/08/2012 12:04:39
My son wants to start.  we want a boat two adults and a small child can potter arround and when hood enough have a eace on inland

06/08/2012 13:40:25
john (perennial novice)
Not really novice boats, but you can have a lot of fun, especially in an older design/simple rig.

06/08/2012 15:02:34
Would be an old one. Like the look of them

06/08/2012 23:36:35
john (perennial novice)
have a look at the cvrda site; there are quite a few old merlins sailing there too:-
07/08/2012 09:08:46
Andrew M
Depends really what you mean by novice, I'd recommend doing a basic sailing course in something a little more stable 1st if starting from scratch as it can be disspiriting sailing a rather tippy boat and having problems controlling it all the time.  A merlin will tell you what you are doing wrong in a more definite way & hence is more rewarding

07/08/2012 15:10:01
Yes will be from scratch after a course. What.  other boats would you recommend. GP14?

07/08/2012 18:55:06
Alan B.
I would recommend that you check out your local sailing club.  Many have club boats for beginners to get started.  Wembley, for instance, have Lasers, an RS200,RS Visions, and even a Merlin for members to try out.

08/08/2012 12:26:54
I would also suggest that you should look at the junior sailing scene. Kids want to sail with their peers not a load of old grumpys like us! Take a look at places like Frensham and Fishers Green. Usually kids sail on Saturdays. Nothing to stop you both sailing together as well but if there is a social element it adds to the attraction and will get him up in the mornings and wanting to go to the club. You can pick up junior boats at very reasonable prices, why not get him and old Cadet and yoursel a vintage merlin?

10/08/2012 19:06:26
Very true think a topper seems. good value as a starting point. We went to Ardleigh sailing club to try it out and he loved it,it helps seeing sailing in olympics and Saskia Clark is local although Victoria Pendleyon is jis favourite!

10/08/2012 19:07:22
Oops his favourite .


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