seating at Weymouth

28/07/2012 19:07:22
Does anyone know anything about the seating arrangements at Weymouth?
Have they created a scaffolding/ seating arrangement or is it a case of bringing a rug & just stting wherever you can find a space?

29/07/2012 10:49:57
Early Entrant
There was a feature on BBC South news last week all you get for your ticket is somewhere to sit or stand nothing to sit on! There are apparently some disabled seats but not many.

29/07/2012 17:12:08
Former Whitstable Pro
I too have tickets - no numbers - bring a rug .

There is a security web-site which says no liquids !!!!

29/07/2012 17:17:06
Former Whitstable Pro
If you have a problem finding it I can forward it to you if you tell me your e-mail address . It was sent to me so I can't give you the address of the site .

30/07/2012 08:50:01
Melanie Hardman (1920)
You can only bring a bottle that holds 100ml, but I think it has to be empty. There will be water fountains within the venue. Don't bring a back >25l they won't let it in


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