Self Bailers in a Winder

22/07/2012 17:50:03
Chris I
I've just bought MR3587, the self bailers seem to leak a bit.
Two questions, how do I remove them? Are they bonded in or what?

And has anybody got a neat way of protecting the bailer, as I suspect it's been trodden on by the crew, it seems vulnerable?
Cheers, Chris Iles

22/07/2012 20:32:18
Jim C
There are a bunch of things that can go wrong with bailers so they leak, and quite a few of them are repairable, so I fear you need to spend some time with your head in the bottom of the boat examining things closely. 
Do they leak when closed, or only when open?
Where does the water come in?
The rubber seals can perish, the actual connection to the boat can leak, or the gasket between boat and baler can go, the metal structure can get distorted...

23/07/2012 08:20:56
as a ribbed boat sailor, leaks are an everyday occurance!
I usually put some water in the boat when it's on the trolley and see where it comes out.

23/07/2012 08:57:25
Andrew M
A careful inspection as above and some judicious bending with an adjustable spanner cured the leaks on Heaven Sent.  You are right, the bailers are vulnerable, usually the sides get bent slightly so the bailer doesn't quite close and then water leaks through the sides when down.  The gaskets weren't the problem in my 20 year old boat and probably aren't in yours.

23/07/2012 15:54:51
David Gates
If you know the size and make of the bailer some of them you can get replacement seals, if can be a little fiddly but worthwhile, I have done this in the past. If you are local to Windsor area I would be happy to help out.


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