Salcombe Bulletins

11/07/2012 17:11:36
Peter Scott
What a fantastic effort from Tim Fells - daily updates keeping us not there up to speed and leadimg after 3 days - top effort!!
All he needs to do now is keep Deepy out of the pub.....................!!

12/07/2012 08:05:29
Chris B (3062)
Completely agree - great stuff from Tim.

12/07/2012 11:30:12
Photos from John Murrell - if they are not showing at the top on this Y&Y page then just pick class from dropdown list and whack the button.
12/07/2012 18:01:02
Tim Fells
Keeping Deepy out of the pub - now that is mission impossible!

Thanks for the comments. Salcombe week is a fantastic advert for the Merlin class so we need to share with as many people as possible

12/07/2012 19:07:49
Pat Blake
Dave and Pip have won!!!
They won this morning in real style - quite light.
PM it blew its tits off! Matthew Biggs and Ben were awesome, Tim and Deepy had to win to stay in contention. They did well but not enough.
Superfast Jellyfish exploded at the start but flew after they got it fixed

12/07/2012 19:10:45
Pat Blake
That went a bit wrong.
What I ment to say is it flew superfast when they got it fixed

12/07/2012 22:44:42
Great reports but looks like Seldon and AJ are going to be busy. Afternoon looks like the Salcombe slammers resided in town during the last race today.

13/07/2012 21:00:40
On behalf of the association, a big thank you to Tim Fells for writing a report every day. With everyone knackered or desperate for the pub, this must have been tough to be disciplined enough to sit down and write carefully every night. Thank you Tim.

14/07/2012 12:44:51
More of John Murrells photos added to Y&Y now. See report for a beauty! Plus more on the fotoboat site I assume.
14/07/2012 15:03:00
Jon E
How did he get that mast mid-snap?  Was it grabbed from video or just a lucky shot?

14/07/2012 16:17:15
John Murrell
It comes down to right place, right time, right equipment...............

I actually have the whole sequence from the gust hitting, bow going under, mast exploding with the kite still pulling, right through to the one with Tom and Jono getting sorted out and Megan looking decidedly p****d off.

And no it isn't a video.

14/07/2012 16:19:37
John Murrell
And I should have added that if you look carefully you can see the spreaders in mid air.

Sorry Megan, put your favourite tree did't have a preservation order on it!

14/07/2012 16:48:38
Chipleyshed essex
Thanks Mr. Murrell I was cheering up but now in contact with the Warren’s

14/07/2012 16:57:34
Chipleyshed essex
Just a minute, carbons not shiny? And does not fall out the sky that fast either?  Life’s not that bad, forget the Warren’s, Back to the Dog and Duck

14/07/2012 19:45:55
Big thanks to chris and jilly for saving us.  And steve for being so understanding

27/07/2012 14:10:24
WP .
Yes great daily reports , let's hope they are as good for the Nationals.........


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