Italian Hazardous Under Construction

09/07/2012 16:36:39
Duncan French
Two kilometres from the Amphitheatre in Santa Maria di Capua Vetere where Spartacus made his famous escape and within sight of Vesuvius a brand new Keith Callaghan Hazardous Merlin Rocket is under construction. At first light to the jangle of the dust cart and in the relentless heat of a mosquitoed Summer night you will find me there..., bitten to buggery and chipping away.

12/07/2012 11:27:22
Good luck with your build.
Having a great time with Keith at Salcombe, us oldies are just pleased to be finishing the races

14/07/2012 14:31:49
See, the class is going international, like it or not...

17/07/2012 13:57:34
Duncan French
Hi, yes the class has gone international- "Razzo Merlino" no less !!
Nice photos and great work with "Wicked" Rob and Keith - and its all in the participation !!
Hoping you both managed to get in a few pints as well !!
Tanti Saluti from Southern Italy - Duncan French

17/07/2012 20:41:40
The class has been international for years, but welcome to the club!

Rod & Jo aka Merlin European Wing

18/07/2012 10:28:53
Chris 3447
Also in Norway, although competition a bit thin up here!

18/07/2012 18:41:35
Rod & Jo
Competition is thin here, but at least we have 2 of them, so we could always rope in some help and sail against ourselves.

Mags, would it be an idea to have an 'International section' on the website, listing non UK boats and where they are to be found? After all, it wouldn't take up much space!


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