Welcome to Whitstable

21/06/2012 18:28:58
John Cooper
We are ready for action and looking forward to welcoming the Silver Tiller fleet this weekend. Briefing at 1300 on Saturday - NOR is on this site and also at www.wyc.org. Looks as though it could be breezy.

22/06/2012 08:51:40
Looking forward to it. Not having been to Whitstable before, what is the parking situation?

22/06/2012 11:24:02
Jon S
Upon arrival, drop your boat and sailing stuff off at the beach via harbour entrance then promptly move your car to the main car park which is a short walk from the harbour (not sure what the current parking fees are but alot cheaper than parking in the harbour car park). To find the car park, turn left out of the harbour entrance, then right at the traffic lights followed by the first left.

Please do not block the RNLI launch area when dropping off your boat.

22/06/2012 11:29:13
Thanks Jon. I will bring some change then!!

22/06/2012 13:24:42
Or park in one of the side streets for free...


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