Trailer Base Unit Stolen

20/06/2012 09:30:42
I've had my trailer base stolen from Thames sailing Club car park.  It is clearly marked 3381 and has a distinctive black painted section at the front.
So, if anyone offer you a trailer base c1986 please let me know

20/06/2012 10:33:15
Sorry to hear that Nick. Keep an eye on Ebay!

This seems to be an increasing problem, I know Ben had his pinched last year too. I have a hitch lock I leave on mine when it is left without a boat on it.

20/06/2012 11:10:22
Chris Rathbone
Worse bit is when bits are taken off it and not the whole trailer. This happened to me the night before off to the Merlin Championships. I was pleased........

20/06/2012 11:57:54
I've been speaking to Mervyn about the combi he has for sale

20/06/2012 11:58:57
It also had a hitch lock

20/06/2012 13:07:46
All the Soverign Trailers have a barrel in the side of the hitch which prevents the hitch being attached to the car. Very simple but effective. The only concern I have is that you don't actually know it is locked as there is no visual sign of it. In other words nothing to put the theives off trying.

20/06/2012 15:06:24
My tale of woe is having a complete 10" wheel and hub assembly removed from a West Mersea road base - a hub cost in the region of £80 to replace, plus nearly £50 for a wheel.  Most wheel clamps wouldn't have prevented it, nor would a tow hitch. Sadly the remote place it was taken from suggested the culprits were probably members of the same club,  but I digress.....

21/06/2012 08:01:21
I don't know, obviously, but I think the theives put mine on the back of a truck.Good to have a hitch lock for sure, but it didn't help me. Nor did a set of metal gates with a padlock and chain. What do they want them for?that's what intrigues me...

21/06/2012 08:36:51
Martin & Jemma 3451
Checked last night, and ours is still there (but for how long?)

I wonder if they are being nicked for scrap? If they are, its a 'game-changer' as everyone has historically assumed they would be hard to resell & therefore not a prime target...

21/06/2012 08:58:53
Don't know if this is any use to anyone? Seems a bargin but it is a long way away.


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