Thames Series After 3 Events

19/06/2012 17:52:17
Richard (3233)
Following Paul Hollis’s Midland Circuit update, I thought I’d update all those helms and crews taking part or interested in the Thames Series circuit.  Like the Midland Circuit, you need to compete in four events to qualify, so the more you do, the more discards you’ll get.

There have been three events so far at Ranelagh SC, Cookham Reach SC and Thames SC. So far, three boats have competed at all of them, so only need one more to qualify. There are a further three boats that only need two more events to do the same and 32 boats that have competed in one event so far. With four more events in the calendar as below, they can all qualify if they do at least three:

16th September – Minima YC (Eric Archer Memorial Trophy)
29th September – Upper Thames SC (Silver Tiller also)
7th October – Hampton SC
14th October – Tamesis Club (Sondown Cup)
28th October – Ranelagh SC (Autumn Trophy)

Eight boats qualified last year, so it would be good to increase the number this year, especially when you consider that 87 boats competed at some point or another in the 2011 series. So come people, get your lovely Merlin Rockets on their trailers (if you have one) and come and visit some friendly sailing clubs on the River Thames.

19/06/2012 17:53:30
Richard (3233)
Oops, there are five more events...

20/06/2012 09:05:05
RH .
Any idea why all the remaining events are one week after another at the end of the season? It makes it very difficuly for some to do more than a couple.......
Perhaps it should be renamed the Autumn Thames Series ?

20/06/2012 13:15:55
Richard (3233)
Can't say I have.  Just reminding interested parties of the remaining events as I've been looking after the results.  It would be best to ask the MROA committee this question.  There have been events in April and May as well as September and October.  I think the concentration later in the year is more a case of competing Silver Tiller and Midland Circuit events as well as when the river clubs traditionally hold their opens.  After all, all sailing clubs have just as much difficulty moving their dates as they have competing demands from other classes.

20/06/2012 13:57:24
Chris Rathbone
I think it's to try and run as many of the river meetings when leaf coverage is at the minimum. Historically, Upper Thames used to run its Merlin meeting in April and I think Cookham did the same in mid-late September

20/06/2012 22:48:57
Results updated. See news link in bottom right of homepage.

20/06/2012 22:51:36
Sorry, that was days ago. Ignore me! Too stressed to get even simple things right...

06/10/2012 10:34:10
Richard (3606/3233)
The Thames Series overall results so far after five events have been updated and emailed to Mags for inclusion on the MROA website.

Mike Stephens and Jodock Gerber from Tamesis sailing Flinkidink 1097 are leading the series on six points with Alex Jones and Jack Deung in Make It So 3556 from Cookham Reach in second place on 26 points. Alan Broadbent and Russell Hall from Wembley sailing Delirium 3637 have also qualified and are in third place on 30 points.

The next three boats aren't far behind with three events completed, therefore only needing one more event to qualify for the series. And another eight boats only need two more events to qualify.

45 boats from 12 different clubs have taken part in the series so far. 31 of these have competed in one event. Therefore, with three more events at Hampton tomorrow followed by Tamesis next Sunday and Ranelagh on Sunday 28th October, these boats can still qualify if they take part at all of them.

08/10/2012 12:16:10
Here's the full table
12/10/2012 15:44:03
Results now corrected!
12/10/2012 16:18:37
Richard (3233/3606)
Thanks Mags, that was quick!

12/10/2012 19:55:16
Mags, whilst its very flattering to have a sixth at Shearwater I am as yet unable to be in two places at once.
Garry Rucklidge owns Secret Water so the sixth place could well be his.
I did (much to my surprise) get a second at Thames in Ben Marshalls boat.

So everyone can move up a place on the table.



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