3358 - 'Gnasher'

19/06/2012 14:14:24
Derik Palmer
Can anyone tell me anything about this boat?  She's listed in the year Book as '41cDN', but the design guide doesn't say anything at all.  I'm wondering about performance, crew weight, history etc.

20/06/2012 16:30:53
Tony Lane
The designer and builder was David Naylor in Manchester. She was probably built in the winter of 84/85 but an owner's name does not appear in the MROA year book until 1990. It was recorded as R. Seymour at Stokes Bay SC.
The next owner is shown in the 1992 year book as M. Cluett at Bewl Valley SC.
I can send you these owner's addresses at that time. If you can contact either or both you might learn something of the Gnasher's performance and where she went after 1992.

24/06/2012 22:51:36
Derik Palmer
Thanks Tony. From the dearth of replies I'll assume that this is not a championship winner...

She's currently advertised on Apollo Duck. I had a brief thought of buying her, but having looked again at the pictures have reconsidered. She's a cheap boat all right and probably a good buy for the money (£750) but I'll wait a little longer.


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