Salcombe Week accoms.....HELP!!

18/06/2012 22:15:37
Olly Turner
Having sent off my last minute entry for Salcombe week this morning and hopefully having an entry, my Uncle Figgy and I are in need of accoms. Does anyone have any spare rooms/beds/sofas/cupboards under the strairs?

Can provide very good references from Veronica Truswell and Judith Massey.

19/06/2012 21:09:03
Olly who.....?!!!  Ah, yes, I remember, that bloke who used the iron more in three months than we had used in 5 years!  
Seriously, very happy to give Olly a good domestic reference - a pleasure to have around even if the iron did get worn out!
Hope you find something soon Olly
Cheers, Judex

23/06/2012 18:24:14
Olly Turner
Thanks Jude, I'll pay you later! ;)

Starting to get worried, can't find anywhere atm......and uncle figgy has suggested the back of his van!! Anyone out there with a spare room?

23/06/2012 23:01:39
Alex 3556
I might be able to help you Olly.  Check your Facebook for T&C's :-P


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