Selden Mast rigging advice

12/06/2012 22:24:59
Alan Feist
I've just acquired 3463, which I believe is an NSM4 or Canterbury Tales no makers plate but has 'Holt Allen' badge on the decks.  It has an ali mast by Selden (no makers plate).  The main shrouds lead to wire loops then to a complex pulley scheme under the bow; the lowers appear to fix to deck points and then run to two pulleys fixed to the mast before coming together and connecting to a further pulley scheme through the mast footing. there is therefore lots of down and back tension options but nothing forward other than the jib halyard... although there is a large fitting in the middle of the deck with a huge supporting structure under it... I think I must be missing something... a mast ram or forward tensioning scheme....  any ideas/pictures?

13/06/2012 07:15:45
Chris M
sounds like the boat had a strut and then someone put lowers on it. This is nothing to worry about, the lowers do more or less the same job that the strut would have done.

I take it the boat is not deck stepped?

13/06/2012 08:05:31
Alan Feist
Hi Chris, thanks for advice.  The Boat is deck stepped which is why I am a bit twitchy....

13/06/2012 09:09:58
Alan, this boat is one of Simon Bagleys NSM 2's commonly known as 'Wembley One Designs'. They are good boats and Simons were some of the better ones. I had one of these and they where all built with deck stepped masts and adjustable shrouds. The lowers on mine were fixed when I bought it and so there was no adjustment. The best way to fit adjustable lower shrouds was via the blocks on the mast and through the foredeck otherwise you would need to start cutting hols all over the place.

You have nothing to worry about as it sounds pretty standard. If you are unsure still we have 3 of these boats at Cookham and you are more than welcome to come and have a look. The owners would be delighted to talk to you about them I am sure.

13/06/2012 10:53:12
chris martin
Sounds like you could be missing a puller, mini forestay used when the kite is up.

13/06/2012 11:20:57
They did not have a puller as they had ali masts.

13/06/2012 15:29:02
Alan Feist
thanks for all the advice...not convinced its an NSM2 but will call into Cookham sometime to check!

13/06/2012 15:40:39
Is it all glassfibre with a rear tank?

According to the yearbook it is an NSM 2 called Smoke on the water. We have at Cookham 3465 'Cobra' and 3456 'Tenatious' both out of the same mould at the same time in 1990.

13/06/2012 15:40:56
Alan Feist
pic on facebook if anyone wants to confirm this is an NSM2........
13/06/2012 16:03:17
Yep. Thats a Wembley One Design NSM 2

13/06/2012 19:46:34
Yes, that an NSM2, I used to sail one of the boats, 3441 the mould was taken from Seventh Heaven. 3456 if I recall was sailed by Simon Bagley was was called the "Fat Boys" Green and White.   If you want any more info email me, I was there at the begining. I remember the 1991 nationals at Abersoch when I think three boats went.

13/06/2012 20:29:19
Alan Feist
Thanks for all the advice folks, what a friendly bunch you are in the Merlins... hope to get the 'Smoke on the Water' this weekend at Shearwater....


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