Hoop Height

08/06/2012 14:42:24
Can anyone give me a rough idea how heigh the main sheet hoop should be as the one on my boat seems low. The gap between the boom and the hoop on max rake is about 180mm

08/06/2012 16:17:34
Stuart Bates (MR3615)
How much Kicker have you got set on that measurement, remember it will affect the boom height as well.

Does sound a bit low though, maybe an older suit of sails had a longer leach.

08/06/2012 21:12:58
the measurement is with no kicker, but with boat level, the boom sits fairly level. see photo on link.

09/06/2012 14:37:39
Rob H
Looks as if the sail is not to the top of the mast, I have trouble on my boat and have to use some silicon spray in the track and top of sail to successfully make it all the way to the top

10/06/2012 07:26:17
Tim - 3234
The sail is not to the top because it's a 21.5 ft mast and a sail for a 20 ft mast. If the sail is pulled to the top, the gap between the boom and the hoop increases do that won't help.

10/06/2012 17:37:18
Might be worth looking at your lower band height - it's prob. OK, but worth a check to be completely sure - it might be the boom is too high rather than the hoop being low, if that makes sense.
Theres a diagram on the forum somewhere describing how to determine the sheerline in the deck, transferring it to the mast and then measure your band height. I might be able to retreive one if you can't find it.

10/06/2012 18:41:55
Here's the gadget you need to measure sheerline!



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