Jo Richards design

07/06/2012 15:55:57
nosey ex merliner
Is the first Jo Richards design on the water yet? Whose is it or who is it going to be for? Are there pics anywhere?

07/06/2012 16:09:48
Chris Rathbone
Sawt the other day that seemed to imply that Mike Calvert was soon/ already had taken delivery. Maybe wishful thinking on my part

07/06/2012 16:53:02
Should be on the water in the next two weeks but that is about as much as I feel I should reveal. Unless there are two it is not Mike Calverts.

Watch this space.....or at least the Salcombe results.

07/06/2012 17:21:39
nosey ex merliner
Salcombe results will not tell me much without the name of the owner or the number of the boat unless it is called Deceased Pussy Bump or something that'll give it away....

07/06/2012 17:30:47
Technically this isn't his first Merlin design?

Maybe he's designing a boat that always tacks in the right place and the sails self adjust to the optimum angle - these seem to be significant factors.

08/06/2012 08:48:12
It will be common Knowledge who is sailing it by then and you will know which one it is!


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