Twiney's Tweaker

06/06/2012 21:57:09
Bill Twine
Watch this space for information on Twiney's Tweaker. If you don't make one for your boat you will be left behind.

20/06/2012 17:09:47
Have you given up windsurfing Bill? Are you back in East Sussex? If so, pls give contact details for our trip to E/b next month.

21/06/2012 21:21:58
Bill Twine
Hi David yes back in East Sussex now live in Hailsham Hope you are well.

21/06/2012 21:22:38
Bill Twine
Going to start sailing at Pevensey Bay again

21/06/2012 21:23:40
Bill Twine
My details are 01323301253

21/06/2012 21:36:34
Bill Twine
I thought somebody would have asked a few questions about my tweaker by now.
The tweaker will give a Merlin between 5 and 10% more speed on a three sail spinnaker reach all other things being equal of course.
The beauty of the Teaker is that most people have enough bits in their tool box and in their garage to make one.
Anybody live near Pevensey Bay or Hailsham and would like to make one and try it out.
When you know what it is you will not beleive it.

21/06/2012 21:47:52
Richard Saunderson
OK Bill. I'm asking.........What is your tweaker? (That doesn't really sound like a question for a sailing forum somehow - does it?)How about a photo for the website?

22/06/2012 08:53:39
You did say 'watch this space' so we are watching but not allot is happening!

I thought it was some kind of wind up!

Spill the beans then...........

22/06/2012 17:04:49
Bill Twine
I have pictures of the Tweaker working it is on my friends Miracle dinghy and only on dry land, could not find a Merlin  to try it out on at the time.I would like somebody who has a Merlin hopefully in East Sussex to contact me so that one can be made and show it working on one. Should this not be possible we will have make do with the pictures of the Miracle for the Web site!!!.

22/06/2012 19:10:14
Richard Saunderson
I am now becoming quite intrigued. I think the photo of your "miracle tweaker" (?!) might encourage those of us who enjoy bimbling to fashion a Merlin Tweaker. Go on ...........take the plunge.........give us the photos!!!! I have just finished installing Jon Turner's "Musketeer" spinnaker pole launch system and am keen for another project.  :-)

22/06/2012 20:20:07
No show = no go!!
I reckon he's pulling your tweaker!!!

23/06/2012 19:00:16
Bill Twine
OK Richard let me have your e-mail address and your phone no, work or home so that I can contact you. 

Do you race against John by any chance, if so remind him to put lots of padding in his trousers for when he wants to kick himself.

23/06/2012 21:02:41
Richard Saunderson
OK Bill. My email address is linked to this post (click on my blue name!). I don't want to put my phone number on the forum in case the hacking autobots get hold. If you make email contact with me I am sure we can get something moving on this!!! Looking forward to it.

24/06/2012 08:25:43
but you are happy for them to have your gmail address?
Unlike some webpages that don't post email address' behind links, this one has them there for all to see (gmail, sky, btinternet and yahoo on this page)

24/06/2012 14:39:08
Seriously Bill, anything which will enhance my spinnaker performance would be most welcome; I look forward to seeing your device. As for racing, definately back of the pack, although your tweaker might move me along a bit!

As for email addresses, I publish mine, mainly in the hope that I will receive some special offers from a nice Nigerian pharmacist chap or that elusive windfall that needs to be paid into my account immediately, not to mention the guy who is determined to pay me £12k for my boat! Bring it on!!

25/06/2012 18:08:27
Bill Twine
Give me ring some time or e-mail me with your no and I will ring you.

25/06/2012 18:10:14
Bill Twine
Richard will you also give a ring or e-mail your no to me and I can ring you.

25/06/2012 18:13:22
Bill Twine
If you are also interested the same thing give me ring or e.mail your phone no and I will ring you.

25/06/2012 20:55:48
This web does display your email address, but it does so in such a way that most spam robots are unable to detect it automatically. Plus you don't have to provide one.

26/06/2012 09:02:24
Thanks Bill, but until I know what it is I will abstain.

26/06/2012 23:05:55
David W
Keep watching this post as instructed but still haven't seen any more info on the Tweaker. Maybe one day the secret will be revealed!

27/06/2012 09:11:03
MJaybe its just (T)wind up!

27/06/2012 19:54:53
the gurn
well bill - sounds great - have you something a little more up market - say gives me 30% extra? But of course it will have to be in secret.
Great to hear from you!

28/06/2012 10:40:25
Bill Twine
Well Gurn  whoever you are, I can do the impossible and you get 10% more speed on a gusty and shifty reach today but 30% is a miracle and that will take a little longer.

28/06/2012 11:46:04
Calling The Gurn. I hope you are able to obtain such a gadget and enjoy a 30% improvement in performance - I was just wondering how I would notice it? I shall be spectating from Spud's RIB so will have my stopwatch handy!

28/06/2012 15:49:45
Barry Dunning
Can we please stick to sailing and leave the Gurns sex life out of this thread!

29/06/2012 07:21:09
the gurn
steady Scotty - I will have a barrister on board just in case of any slanderous comments (her name is Phillipa and she is really keen)

29/06/2012 10:07:36
and she likes sailing too!

29/06/2012 13:46:53
CM etc.
Shame, shame Fribbs and Gurn....whatever happened to Subtle Innuendo? ………and no, I am not referring to some poor unloved merlin languishing in a shed.

29/06/2012 15:24:16
Bill Twine
Here is part of the last e-mail I received from Phil Morrison.

Hi Willy,

Yes it certainly seems to work very well. I guess you just need a quick and easy way to attach to the !!!!!.

Something for you Rockets to think about over the weekend.

29/06/2012 19:18:05
the gurn
bill - will I need to remove my Morrison wires? the galvanising is getting a bit rusty anyway

30/06/2012 09:53:07
Bill Twine
Scotty who ever you are, Spud will almost certainly have a Tweaker for his yawl by then.

02/07/2012 10:27:25
RH .
Bill a yawl doesn't have a spinnaker so how would it gain the 5-10% on a 3 sail reach ?......

02/07/2012 10:49:56
Its still got three sails though!

11/07/2012 10:57:51
Bill Twine
It will improve yawls speed but not by as much as 10%!!!!


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