SALCOMBE 2012 - have I missed something?

03/06/2012 20:59:34
Keith Callaghan
Salcombe Week draws near, but I have been unable to find any info on who is is what flight, and also any details of social events (the Salcombe YC NOR states that these will be available in January!). Can someone point me in the right direction please?

03/06/2012 23:06:35
Pat Blake
Well as is tradition - young Keith.
The 'Seedingmiester' has deliberated and the seedings will be in the Summer Magazine along with the AGM agenda - and of course lots of other stuff.
It has, by law, to be with the membership at least 2 weeks before the event.
So, all will be revealed, to paid up members only, then.
As for the social program I expect it will follow the usual pattern:
-free beer courtesy of Doombar after registration/AGM on Saturday
Most other nights:
-drinks after PM race at - the Ferry, Fortesque, Vic, Yacht Club etc, etc.
-followed by food at the YC or one of the excellent local eateries - or your digs
THEN - the real party starts at the YC bar. Until Brian and Julie throw us out!

I expect there is some other stuff - BBQs, Commodores reception etc - so good fun will be had.

Not long now - pity it is only for a week!


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