**Important** Parkstone weekend Notice of Race

26/05/2012 20:09:15
Chris M
Copied from the PYC website:

7. Racing
a. It is intended that racing will take place in Poole Bay on Saturday 9 June, however racing may take place in Poole Harbour at the discretion of the Race officer.
b. It is intended that racing will take place in Poole Harbour on Sunday 10 June, however, racing may take place in Poole Bay at the discretion of the Race officer.
c. Course details, with a description of marks, will be set out in the Sailing Instructions.
d. Courses will be Olympic Style Triangle / Sausage or Round the Cans.
Course information will be displayed on the Committee Boat before the start of each race.
d. Up to 6 races are scheduled. Each day up to 3 races will be sailed back to back.
e. The warning signal for the first race will be at 11.55 hrs on Saturday 9 June and at 10.55 hrs on Sunday 10 June 2012. Subsequent races will take place ASAP after the previous race

Reasoning behind this is to maximise the chance of two good ST events taking place over the weekend. We have already lost one sea ST event so it seems to make sense to be flexible and allow PYC some discretion as to what event happens when based on conditions at the time and local forecast.

This kind of flexibility has not been tried before, and hopefully the event will go as planned. It is the intention that the sea event will take place on Saturday, with the Open event on Sunday. They may be swapped (At the discretion of the PRO) in the event of inclement conditions on saturday should sailing be possible in the harbour.

There will be one sea event and one open event. If the events are swapped and sailing at sea is still impossible on Sunday then any sailing that takes place in thre harbour will NOT be for ST points.

26/05/2012 22:10:14
Andy D
Great to see Parkstone have a flexible plan.

28/05/2012 08:56:24
So what they are saying is it is a complete lottery as to what sailing we would be doing when we turn up on Sunday morning? So if we were not going on Saturday because we did not want to sail in Parkstone Bay there is now little point in bothering on the Sunday either!


28/05/2012 20:32:23
Chris M
The whole object is that if it's too rough or too light to go out to see the club has the flexibility to swap the days in the hope of more favourable conditions. It's a contingency plan. Unless there is a very good reason to swap the days over then the sailing in the bay will be saturday, harbour sunday.

Or is it better for people to travel x00 miles for two days sailing and get one......?

A look at the weather forecast on the Thursday will give a pretty good clue as to what is likely to happen. Also i'm sure someone from the club will put a note on the forum telling us what's happening as soon as the decision is made on saturday, so if you really don't want to go to sea you'll know in plenty of time.

29/05/2012 07:59:44
It won't be a lotterey Jeremey, as Chris says we'll put information up on the website as soon as we can,the race team at PYC are trying something new to make our sailing a better experience. Better to criticise after we've tried it, don't you think ?

29/05/2012 09:06:46
Yes Ben. I can't say I want to put my weekend on hold though to see if I can sail or not when we get to the weekend. My time off is precious as I get little of it and so I have to plan it carefully, I can't afford to just wait and see.

29/05/2012 19:35:41
Chris M
Jez, i think you'll find the vast majority of us are in the same situation be it money, time or both that are restricted. Feedback from hayling has been that we should try to be more flexible with what runs when over a double header weekend. Therefore it's got to be tried.

Surely you'd be peeved if you took a weekend off, paid for accomodation, fuel etc to be there and lost a day when there was a way around it. To a point we are always dictated to by the weather, but if by being flexible about what runs on what day means you can run both events it's got to be a no brainer.

30/05/2012 09:12:56
Granted, this is of course my own selfish view!

09/06/2012 17:29:49
Bay racing today, so harbour sailing Sunday.

10/06/2012 06:47:15
Nick S
It was a tad breezy with 27 starters at the beginning of the day and only 12 by the end!

10/06/2012 17:48:40

11/06/2012 10:02:24
Took my camera out on Saturday, and got a few shots.
I was single handed in the boat whilst trying to shoot this, so its all rather crappy, and the editing was also rushed.
Also needless to say, it was far windier and lumpier that it looks in this...



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