24/05/2012 08:37:22
Melanie Hardman (1920)
Hello all.

Can you help me... well my mum actually. Does anyone know (and I doubt this has to be specific) the measurements for a Merlin Rocket IXb from to top of the mast to where it joins the deck (I don't have a tall mast), and the distance from the mast at the point it joins the deck to the stern and to the bow. Sorry if I didn't use the right terms, please someone enlighten me, I still struggle with them all - but haven't been sailing very long.

I suspect this is a knitting project, as mum's a keen knitter and I think has been inspired by the link below...

Thanks in advance and hope to see some of your this weekend at Thames Sailing Club.

Mel :-)
24/05/2012 11:26:25
I don't think that we should be encouraging grannies to go out 'yarn bombing'

24/05/2012 20:24:46
Don't know the measurements but if she wants a Merlin picture converted to a knitting chart I'll put it into the knitting pattern software and produce one for whatever stitch tension she's knitting to.

A Merlin sailing non-granny knitter!

25/05/2012 08:15:03
Mike Liggett
Melanie, These measurements will differ slightly even from 9b to 9b. Suggest you careen (roll the boat on her side, with mast up) and use a tape measure to take the actual measurements specific to your Merlin. Ask a friend to give you a hand!

25/05/2012 08:46:09
Melanie Hardman (1920)
Thanks Pat and Mike. I think I will end up having to careen her.

Have a super weekend all, weather looks fabulous

25/05/2012 09:12:43
Just look at your certificate?
The best guess is 21'6" to mast tip from sheerline.


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