Free Merlin Rocket

23/05/2012 10:32:25
To Anyone.
About 9 months ago i was given a Merlin Rocket in rather a poor condition.It had lain at the bottom of a garden for approx 6 years.During this time all the wooden parts rotted away,but i suspect they were,nt given a good home prior to being laid up.I have since stripped it all off,with the intention of putting her back on the water.But due to house move ,remployment ,where i work away for 6 months of the year,im afraid i dont have the time to pay the boat justice.
So the Hull,mast,boom,sails,and standing rigging are all there to anyone who wants to come and collect it.You will need to bring a trailor,as the bearings on both axles have completely it on the excuse for a trailor it sits on at the moment.
Please contact me on my mobile 07920 485 799 or on landline 01254 873 732
Yours sincerely

23/05/2012 13:02:56
Do you know the boat number, and where are you?


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