Breaking Old Boats

11/05/2012 08:23:24
Hi i have 2 Merlins which i am breaking for parts as they are beyond repair, 1 is an NSM 4 has a good centreboard and thats about it the other is an old Smokers which is complete with sails, if anyone wants some parts then give me a ring 07775 664104, cheers Graham

11/05/2012 08:45:16
Graham, What you consider to be beyond repair might not be to someone else. Those are both good designs, particularly the Smokers. Can I suggest you post on here the numbers and why you think they are beyond repair before you break them. The parts are likely old and not worth any more then the complete boat in need of repair.

Would be a shame to scrap them if they have potential to be good boats again.

11/05/2012 13:40:59
Hi Jez, I repair boats for a living and trust me the NSM 4 3380 is beyond economic repair and has been stripped of all the useable bits exept centreboard, the Smokers could be repaired if someone was really keen but they would have to be looking for a labour of love, open to offers for the complete boat, pics available next week, hope this helps

11/05/2012 15:53:14
Fair enough. Younever know with the Smokers as there is quite a following now and they are not as common as they once were. Depends on the boat though as to whether it is worth someone spending time and money on. Having just rebuilt Panatella at a cost far in excess of what she is worth, I know there are people who will do it.

Post her number if you could so people can judge for themselves.

15/05/2012 18:16:21
Sorry but mis info, boat is no 3149 so dont know what design NSM ? I have some pics if interested, had a better look and it is saveable by an enthusiast, has a mast possibly a boom, 2 mains in poor condition, some fittings,launching trolley, offers invited before the bonfire 07775 664104

15/05/2012 18:33:30
those that burn boats get the same fate in the afterlife.

15/05/2012 20:47:24
would you rather us turn them into plant pots satan? ive torched about 20 boats (i think),one merlin was so bad i wouldnt even put it inthe workshop,it had some sort of fungal desease...smelt like chris martins feet...kindest thing to do really..i mean, if it was a cat...looks like i'm in for a very hot time....

15/05/2012 20:59:31
Well pay me some money for it and save my soul

15/05/2012 21:30:34
nah ..uyou burn it...i'm going to need someone to talk to..

16/05/2012 20:52:26
Richard Battey
Well this is quite a famous boat if memory serves me right. Was this not Spud Rowsell & Jon Turner's old boat? Sure there is a photo of this boat with Spud & Jon somewhere in the Merlin Rocket Book. Shame it looks so sad now but in the right hands could be brought back to life.

Jez, fancy another project!:-)
16/05/2012 23:16:00
Memory man
Strinendo was built for Jim Park by Spud using West Epoxy  sad to see her in this state.

17/05/2012 08:42:24
I am just about to finish a German OK I have been doing this weekend and think I need a break after that!! Still not managed to do my OK yet. It is tempting though!! The problem is that with a price of £100 and then having to fit it out again and buy new decks it is just to expensive as a restoration. Someone with a Genuine need for a fast inland boat needs to buy this, Richard!!

28/05/2012 08:40:47
Last chance for Stringendo, have burnt the NSM 4, even the centreboard was rotten, Free to a good bad or indifferent home, hull only , cant make it any cheaper than this. give me a ring 07775 664104

28/05/2012 08:52:59
Graham, Jilly Blake is looking for one. I will see if I can get her to call you.


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