Is it true that ..

08/05/2012 21:45:49
Gorringe, Crookie, Taxi, Craig, Gilbert, Whitworth, Blithell, Carveth, F Gifford, S Morrison, Blakes 1&2, C Martin, P Dalby, Calvert, Turners, Driver, Ainslie, Team Salmon, Biggs, G Brown, J Bell, R Page, Kennaugh, Sloane +  will all be contesting Trent Valley 2012?   

What an epic line up.

It's going to be amazing and one not to miss.

11/05/2012 17:02:41
Richard Whitworth
What's for lunch?

12/05/2012 11:24:28
Fat Pig
I can't vouch for the others but B and I are going to be there.  Sadly the Pig is still off the water so it's Heavy Artillery for us (thanks Guy!)

12/05/2012 17:17:26
Andy D
Ben Ainslie has requested roast pork. Ellen Mac fancies the lamb - but it's looking like a 10 bird roast for starters followed by T-Bone. Austerity measures. 

(Dan Alsop has put in for cheese & tomato on toast. Standard.)

13/05/2012 15:01:26
I'll be there if I can find a crew who doesn't mind the occasional brush with a barge.  There was a rumour Elvis might be there to join the rest of the stella line up?

13/05/2012 20:58:46
3510 Crazy Diamond will be there if only for the lunch!

13/05/2012 20:58:49
3510 Crazy Diamond will be there if only for the lunch!

14/05/2012 07:55:17
An event not to be missed, right up there with Salcombe, you can't say your are a true Merlin sailor until you have enjoyed (sic) the delights of the Trent Valley open, the lunhes are the stuff of legend, I hope to make a return to river sailing once more before I hang up my Aigles (or more likely throw them in the bin so I am not tempted back again)


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