Hayling Open

29/04/2012 19:40:54
the gurn
Pity about the weather! but Saturday my return to the MR fleet was not without difficulty - apart from still thinking I am 25 and that Phillipa had attained all the skills of an ace crew in 7 months since first stepping into a sailing boat, we still remained upright for the whole of race 1. Our goal was not to finish last, but we even failed at that. and with huge black clouds on the horizon we opted out of race two. But never mind - it still is a great thrill to sail with all the old guys and the new fantastic talent in the fleet. MR's are still the best.

Sadly no racing occured on Sunday but a few of the likely lads went out to show off in the estury - completely in control!
But one spin off of all the mathmatics meant that Phillipa and I finished one place in front of Stuart and Christian. Maybe we should have made a play for the 470 slot.
Roll on my next outing.

30/04/2012 09:53:15
Measurement Man
Many thanks to all visitors who joined us for the weekend; everyone seems to have really enjoyed the racing that we did achieve on Saturday. Sunday, as Gurn has posted was a washout; very disappointing but it has to be said that it was really marginal and not at all inviting! Even the Flying 15s with whom we were sharing the weekend cried off on Sunday.

Congrats to Jon Gorringe and Toby for their win on Sat. V slippery downhill.... think it is the Lewis factor. I recall him doing similar things at an Endeavour a few yrs ago. Must get him tipsy and glean some tips, although it is probably just natural talent.

See you soon,


30/04/2012 12:53:18
Link to the results.

4 Merlins were out at Tamesis on Sunday - we were the only capsize but felt that the spectators deserved the entertainment ....

30/04/2012 13:13:13
Andrew M
10 BFD in the 2nd race & a perfect BFD/BFD score for the Birrell team!

A story to be told here surely?

30/04/2012 13:30:01
Nick (3682)
Not really: the race officer really needed to get the races going as the wind strength was increasing all the time. A bit too much eagerness by a number of us and we paid the price. We'll be a bit more careful next time ;-)

30/04/2012 14:42:48
Chris B (3062)
Brian's too modest to mention that despite the capsize he and Ken still completed the race!

30/04/2012 21:46:51
It was a fab weekend even if our big swim on sat put us completely out of the results I still really enjoyed it.  I love Hayling ..... great people, fantastic hospitality copious amounts of gin on offer what more could a girl want......!

Janey x


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