Thames series

27/04/2012 18:08:02
Just checking does anybody know dates of all the Thames series events

27/04/2012 18:33:13
27/04/2012 19:59:57
Alex 3556
On that point, why are there so few Thames Series events when there are actually quite a few Thames open meetings such as Thamesis on the 14th October? Or Bourne End week? I know some are vintage only though...

27/04/2012 20:14:55
One of our guys thought there was a tammy event 27may but not sure if this is part of series

I'm only a dog so needs to be very clear

27/04/2012 23:06:42
Richard (3233)
Last year's format had eight events but dates not listed for Thames, Minima and Ranelagh's second open usually in November (Autumn Trophy).

Ranelagh* - 15 April
Cookham** - 22 April
Thames* - 27 May? (day after De May Vintage meeting listed in Fixtures?)
Minima* - 24 June? (day after De May Vintage meeting listed in Fixtures?)
Upper Thames** - 30 September
Hampton* - 7 October
Tamesis* - 14 October
Ranelagh* - November? (Autumn Trophy?)

* Thames Series
** Thames Series and ST events

28/04/2012 06:11:53
Ok so it Thames sailing club on 27th  excellent

28/04/2012 09:11:12
Ben 1477
Minima YC Thames series Open is 16th September not 24th June - I will let Chris know.

28/04/2012 10:44:02
Nick (214)
Ranelagh RTYC Trophy will be on October 28th.

29/04/2012 07:57:23
Chris M
All now added to the list.



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