27/04/2012 14:15:33
merlin admirer
im thinking of buying a merlin and was wondering if a summerwine would be suitable for me(11 stone) and my son (8 stone) at the front.
i will be sailing inland also. any suggestions

27/04/2012 15:58:44
I would say very much so. The summerwine was always a good light weight boat but has full width to give good leverage.

01/05/2012 10:17:46
Merlin admirer
What would be the maximium weight crew that I can have in order to be competitive with the boat?

01/05/2012 11:24:47
I would say you would be fine with an all up weight of 20-24 stone biased towards the Helm.

01/05/2012 21:53:31
Robin Szemeti
I just put 3239 up for sale, if interested

01/05/2012 22:39:37
Merlin admirer
Hi robin, you're boat looks very good indeed . There are a number of summer wines on the for sale listing but from what I can see 3324 is the only deck stepped one.  Does a deck stepped mast make that much of a difference to such an old design?


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