Sails and spars for sale

27/04/2012 12:57:59
For Sale 
Spinnakers - all new rules 10 sq mtr
P+B White - still some crinkle, 75
Alverbanks – lots of crinkle, white blue grey 150
P+B Pale Blue and Red, looks virtually unused 200

Sails - all 5720 x 2503 (2.8)
Rowsells Main and Jib 08 very good condition, little used 180
P+B Main +Jib 07 good cond. Couple of repairs, photo 80
P+B Main +Jib 0?/05 good cond. One small repair, photo 80
Batt Main + Jib no date-maybe 5/6 years old?,little use - good cond 80
Batt Main – 0? – no date-maybe 5/6 years old?,Flat Cut, hardly used, 80
Hyde Main from ’98, small repair useful training sail 50

Spars- all 5720 x 2503
Superspar Carbon mast with shrouds 625
Superspar Carbon Boom 2503 foot 275

Call 07798 728537 photos available of all. Deliverable to Rutland Training if it helps!

30/04/2012 00:56:20
The P+B Spinny (£200)and Rowsell sails have found new homes, the other items are still for sale.

Mail me or call if anything needs taking to Rutland even if its just to view.

Carbon superspar mast and boom still here too!

02/05/2012 19:20:52
Last call for anything that needs taking to Rutland!

10/05/2012 08:39:54

27/05/2012 18:19:51
I'm posting up pictures of the sails with prices on Flickr - Link below[email protected]/sets/
30/05/2012 21:56:32
I've added all of the sails now, and the carbon mast to the Flickr sets, with some different price combinations if only part sets are needed - any options not catered for just mail me and I'll sort something out![email protected]/sets/


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