Midland circuit back up to 10 events

16/04/2012 09:14:36
Paul Hollis
We have a new event added to the calendar which is Chelmarsh on 27th October which means it will be the final round and brings the series back up to 10 events.

This is their first Merlin open and if successful are looking to make it an annual event. The lake is built into the side of the seven valley overlooking the river and the Severn valley railway and is 130 acres of water.

Mike Whitehouse is a Merlin sailor who defected to Fireballs but has now seen the light and is back in Merlin’s having bought Dave Winders old boat both he and the club are looking to make us very welcombe.

16/04/2012 11:25:33
Excellent news. Already looking forward to completing the circuit there.


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